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Archives: June 2018

8 Relaxing Around The World Decks

This coffee-break escape offers dozens of cleverly placed decks that are worth a peek. 5 & 8 are my favorites – what are yours?… Do you long for a deck to stretch out on but have only a postage-stamp patch of an outdoor area? Never fear, this collection of compact but cleverly designed decks will provide all […]

Stylish 7 Shed Ideas For Your Backyard

Whatever size plot you’re the proud owner of, you’ll probably need to invest in some kind of storage to safely stash your garden tools and supplies. If space is tight in your little oasis, this can be a challenge, but don’t dismiss the notion — a small but perfectly formed shed like these might be just […]

Sliding vs Swinging Windows

Windows are unique—they are both interior and exterior home elements. The dual role makes selecting windows that much trickier because you want them to look good from both sides, to match your curb appeal as well as your interior design. Luckily, there’s one major design decision that’ll help you narrow your choices at the start: […]